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Build the Know, Like and Trust Factor

The lifeline of any business is it's success in attracting new customers and retaining current customers. You have to stand out from the other competitors by being different and constantly offering value. Your customers have many options and you want them to always choose you. Some ways to accomplish this goal is to build the Know, Like and Trust factor.

Know Your Customers

Getting to know your customers is one of the ways to retain them. Ask the questions that will help you understand the objective of the customer. Knowing the end result will also enable you to suggest other products or services. Many customers return because they know and feel that you have their best interest in mind. They feel that you genuinely care about their shopping experience. By offering items that fit their needs, they will not feel like they are being SOLD. Instead they will feel like you are offering additional items that would help achieve their end results.

Create an Environment Your Customers Like

The environment in which I'm referring can be either a physical location or online. Remember that the customer is ALWAYS right even when they are wrong. A positive shopping experience for the customer is the the end goal. If your customer always feels good after shopping with you, this will increase the likelihood of them returning. Another thing that will keep a returning customer is having the items they want. Don't have your customer shop with your competitor because you don't have what they want in stock. Be sure to stock plenty of your best selling products!!!

Build Trust by Offering a Guarantee

One thing that eases the shopping tension is having a money back guarantee. This will eliminate the reserve for making purchases. Since a pleasant shopping experience is the ultimate goal, offering a guarantee let's your customers know that you want them to be satisfied shopping with you. Trust is also built by offering your customers the best prices available. Discounts wherever possible will be greatly appreciated.

Offer Loyalty Rewards

The best way to increase customer retention and receive referrals is through a loyalty program. With this program, your customers receive certain rewards for either multiple purchases or by sending you referrals. Allow your customers to help build your business by referring their friends. Offering incentives for referrals is very powerful and will increase your bottom line.

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